As a Camera Operator and Floor Manager I have shot live performances and interviews using multiple television studio cameras, Sony video cameras and DSLR cameras.
I have edited these performances through live vision switching as well as using Final Cut Pro and Compressor for online publishing.

The following four clips are from Student Youth Network's flagship program 1700 which airs weekdays on Melbourne's community television network, Channel 31. For these and many others I have been a Camera Operator and Floor Manager.

In 2013 I was an Episode Producer for a 6-part, studio-based variety show which aired on Channel 31 from December to January 2014. As an Episode Producer I managed a crew of 25 within the television studio, liaised with segment Producers and oversaw all other components of the production including scripting, scheduling, shot composition and more.

This is a highlight reel that was cut for the launch party of the series. Following it is the full episode. 

In January 2014 I was asked to return to Channel 31 to produce commercials for the network's sponsors. Here, I learnt the basics of Adobe After Effects. The following is a short reel of some commercials I have made.