In 2013 I worked on a project with Angie Black of Black Eye Films and Matt Horne of Legitimate Films for a client, Maude Davey. Using three cameras we shot My Life In The Nude, a live two-act show which I then had the task of editing using the "multi-clip" facilities of Final Cut Pro. The following is a short trailer and the full performance. 

For the Ian Potter Museum of Art at Melbourne University I was contracted to produce documentation of a Panel Discussion with one other. Together we shot and edited the event on Sony NX5 video cameras.

After being involved as a Lighting Assistant for a Nature In The Dark film (Disnature) I was asked back to help document the launch as a Camera Operator in a multi-camera set-up. 

In 2013 I completed a video production internship with the inaugural Melbourne Web Fest, where I was in charge of the multi-camera documentation of two panel discussions, a live band's performance and the awards ceremony using two Sony V1 video cameras and limited lighting and sound resources.